Perfect Choice Funerals

Perfect Choice Funerals DM Leaflet

The subject of bereavement and funerals has been evaded, ignored and denied in the past. Often a taboo subject, our strategy for Perfect Choice Funerals was to help re-write the way we deal with life’s final chapter by bringing the issue of death out into the open so it would no longer be a conversation that makes everyone in the room uncomfortable.

We promoted prearranging your funeral as a way to help ease the experience for family and friends and also lets retirees choose exactly how they want to be remembered by being able to decide on their own personal preferences in every aspect of the funeral service.

Our brand may be best served by being in tune with a shift in attitudes towards funeral planning among many retirees (especially the current “boomer” generation) who now see it as irresponsible to leave their own family under the emotional and financial pressure of making decisions in very difficult circumstances. Instead of the often subdued and gloomy or apologetic approach to the subject, Perfect Choice shows active, healthy, family-centric retirees in control of their lives, their decision-making and every aspect of their futures.